WE DESIGN SPACES THAT FIT YOUR LIFe, With intention and thoughtfulness.

WE DESIGN SPACES THAT FIT YOUR LIFe, With intention and thoughtfulness.

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OUR Story



Jess Ebert started Four Story Interiors in 2015 as a way to combine her love of design, with her decades-long experience in managing relationships & high-level projects through her PR and event planning careers. This background allows Jess to offer expert levels of organization and communication, all while building strong relationships with clients in a fun, warm, and creative environment. 



New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Nashville, and San Diego have all been home for Jess, and she has collected style inspiration from every one of them. For the last decade, Jess has lived in Charlotte with her husband, three children, and their pug. 



With Four Story Interiors’ client-driven designs, we empower homeowners to let their unique style shine. Jess encourages clients to venture outside of their comfort zone, yet expertly guides them every step of the way to achieve the perfect vision and feel for their home. We strive for spaces that aren’t just beautiful but functional and intentional; the details matter to us.



We recently finished up a complete redesign of our own office in Charlotte, North Carolina. We wanted to blend west coast and east coast with an eclectic vibe and personality that shows off what we’re capable of. 


We want to hear from you. Tell us a little about your design needs, and we’ll reach out as soon as we can. We’d love to turn your house into the home you dream of. 



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